If Alton Brown has taught me anything, it’s how to brine a turkey.  And, let me state it simply, you haven’t had a better turkey than one that has been dunked overnight in salt brine with nutmeg and peppercorns.  It was his witty and scientific approach to cooking that started me on my path of being a foodie.  And when his broadway-eque show, “Alton Brown Live! Eat Your Science” came to Boise, you know I had to be there.

One of the great parts about his tour is his ability to find hidden food gems in each city.  Yesterday it was Tango’s Subs & Empanadas that got the nod for his Boise stop of the tour.  One look at the attached photo in his tweet and I knew I had to get there as soon as possible.

So, today I immediately took the family to Tango’s Subs & Empanadas, located at the intersection of N. Orchard St and Emerald St.  We were greeted at once by the very friendly staff and they helped us work through our order since this was our first visit.

The $5 combo empanada, fries, and drink is a great bargain that will fill you up.  We each had savory meat-filled empanadas which were flaky and delicious.  The only downside was they were so fresh and hot, we had to take it slowly.  It’s hard to believe this was our first time at Tango’s Subs & Empanadas and I realize it certainly won’t be the last.

Even though we were full, we had to try the dessert empanadas.  And here is where the flaky crust sang as we ate the “Doc” (Bavarian cream and cherries) and the “Caramelo” (Dulce de leche).  It was like eating the best cheesecake surrounded by the flakiest pie crust.
You have to try it to believe it, it will make your taste buds dance.  Now I just need to go back and try every other version.

Next time you’re driving along North Orchard Street, by all means stop.  Do yourself a favor and step into the flavor.

Thanks Alton Brown.  Once again you gave me some Serious Eats!