Both the House and the Senate have voted to repeal a 2016 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulation prohibiting internet service providers from selling customers’ personal information. The rule covers health, financial, web browsing info, Social Security numbers, and content of communication.

According to the National Institute on Money in State Politics (, Mike Crapo, Jim Risch, and Paul Labrador all voted YES to repeal the regulation. In addition to voting YES, they each received campaign donations from corporations in the telecom industry.

Feel free to e-mail each of our representatives.  Here are the contact details along with the amounts they received:

Mike Crapo – Republican – US Senator – $11,000

Jim Risch – Republican – US Senator – $27,000

Raul Labrador – Republican – Congressman – $10,000

I know this is common practice in politics, but it certainly seems like they sold out our privacy for a small amount of campaign donations.  The future impact of this will impact everybody.  You simply cannot live life anymore without using the Internet.

One scenario that has potential impact also revolves around the hot topic of health care.  Imagine how valuable your Internet history would be to insurance providers.  We all know that the intent of the Trump White House is to make insurance competitive and put out to the open market.  Does that mean if I am a hypochondriac looking up made up illnesses on WebMD that my insurance rates would increase? Even if I’m actually healthy, but just a worry wort?

Watch the debate from the past Tuesday below: