The Jerkwadz is a punk rock band from Boise, ID. They are fronted by Jimmy Sinn, Caice Lee on Bass, and the drummer known simply as “Dub.” Their new record “For Love and Protest” was released today with much anticipation from the punk rockers here in Boise. I have been a fan of The Jerkwadz for a while now, and I have been looking forward to this record ever since I heard about it.

The record wastes no time at all, the first song “Already Owned” kicks things off with a catchy ska/punk number that makes you want to skank around your house naked. This song is super good live too. If you go see the Jerkwadz live, be sure to scream along during the chorus of this song.

The third track “Fuck You, From Me” sounds like it could’ve come right off of Green Day’s Insomniac. Remember? Back when Green Day we’re all methed up and playing out of their mind fast? Well the Jerkwadz remember. Dub drums with absolute brutality on this track, and you can really hear the drums punch through. The song hit’s like an 80’s hardcore punk song, but then Jimmy comes in and delivers a sweet melody to even it out. This song say’s “Fuck You” literally and musically. If you ever need to break up with someone, just email them with this song attached.

This song say’s “Fuck You” literally and musically. If you ever need to break up with someone, just email them with this song attached.

My favorite song on the album is the fifth track “Boston.” It’s very reminiscent of old Social Distortion records, but with a bit more kick. The Jerkwadz do an amazing job of blending punk rock with 50’s rock n’ roll on this track. I would suggest adding this song to any “road trip playlist” you might be making. When the hook of this song hits your brain, you might have it stuck in your head for weeks. I’m just giving you fair warning.

This album is a great album to just sit down and listen to start to finish. If you only have a few minutes, I would recommend listening to “Boston,” “Anything Anything,” and “Zombie March.” But this is a record that is really meant to be listened to start to finish, in order.

The last track “Another Last Time,” caps off the record the same way it started. Fast, in your face, and catchy. You can hear the desperation in Jimmy’s voice as he wails through the last song. As he screams “goodbye, goodnight” you think you’re listening to someone on the verge of a breakdown. Then the song slows down into a beautiful guitar and bass solo, with Jimmy singing an anthemic bridge. Get your lighters ready when they play this one live. This song really shows the Jerkwadz style. I don’t know how to describe it other than “it sounds like the Jerkwadz.”

If you like this record, make sure to go out and buy a copy. They will be playing tonight at the Knitting Factory starting at 6:30 pm. The show starts at 5pm. Upinatem, The Astrophobes, The Jerkwadz, Skittish iTz, Dogs in the Fight, PEARS, Get Dead, AJJ, and The Bouncing Souls will be playing. It should be an amazing night of punk rock.

Stream the album here: