Do you know what I hate more than anything at a restaurant?  Microwaves!  And since Moe’s don’t play that way, you won’t see any of that nonsense at Moe’s.  Even at the Sub on the campus of Boise State University you will get the full experience.

If you are thinking that the food here won’t hit the mark because it’s an on campus location, you’d be dead wrong.  Their Atlanta based restaurant provides all the Mexican flavors you need to get through that late afternoon communications class.  Side note…  who schedules late afternoon classes after lunch time?  But, if you do, you better swing by Moe’s and get that hunger hankering under control or else you’ll probably fail in a big way.

Just so you know… Moe’s knows how to setup a nice spread.  I had the Wrong Doug Stack (all their options have cool names).  This is a monster meal with a tortilla shell stacked with rice and beans with crunchy shells separating all the goodness.  Your choice of 20 fresh ingredients will make your head spin in a good way.  I loaded up on just about everything and will still be full in a couple of days.  To finish it off it gets wrapped together and dropped on the grill to seal it all in.

The service is awesome too.  Friendly from the moment we walked in the door, even during a busy day.  I also love the fact that you get free salsa and chips with every order.

And, the final straw so to speak, is the cool robot soda machine where you can pick every soda combination known to man.  Why this isn’t installed at every restaurant is a mystery to me.  Let’s start a rally somewhere to get this done folks.  Top marks to Moe’s for getting with the program.  None of that crap like Chik-Fil-A where they only have a couple soda options and make you bring the cup to them.  What?  Stop the madness.

Bottom line, Moe’s is a great option if you’re on campus.  Try it out the next time your in the area.