Boise X Games: Meet Alex Sorgente – Men’s Skateboard Park


Alex Sorgente was a 4th place finisher at the X Games Austin 2016 event, just missing out on the automatic invites to the 2017 X Games. Alex heads into Boise with momentum after winning the 2016 Vans Park Series World Championship.

From Lake Fort Worth, Florida, Alex is ranked 4th in the world overall and 2nd in Park, which will be the featured event in Boise. This 19 year-old is a goofy footed skater and has competed in 5 previous X Games. Look for Alex to be near the top of this event as he is skating in top form right now as we head towards the qualifier.

Now that the Olympics are adding skateboarding in 2020, Alex is keen on competing in Japan in hopes of winning the first Olympic gold in skateboarding. Alex started skating at 6 in West Palm Beack, Florida at Olesner Skate Park and showed promise early on. And, by age 14, he was already competing at the X Games.

Alex is sponsored by Red Bull, Oakley, Go Pro,, Pocket Pistols, Independent Trucks, Grind for Life, adidas (flow), Spitfire (flow), Diamond (flow), Bones Bearings (flow), and MOB Griptape.

Watch Alex shred the competition in his championship run at Vans Parks World Championship: