Boise X Games: Meet Ben Hatchell – Men’s Skateboard Park


Ben Hatchell was a 7th place finisher at the X Games Austin 2016 event. From Manasses, Virginia, Ben is ranked 22nd in the world overall and 6th in Park, which will be the featured event in Boise. This 27 year-old has competed in 8 previous X Games, winning 1 silver and 3 bronze medals. His best finish came in the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles where he finished second, behind Pedro Barros of Brazil.

Ben’s favorite group is Slayer and that is just the style he brings to his skate lines. In his recently featured video, Transitionally Inclined, he starts off the video getting huge air over the rim of a basketball hoop. This guy can skate anything and is so much fun to watch.

Ben Hatchell could be seen as somewhat of a local favorite since he grew up in Manasses, Virginia, where Boise’s own Micron has a major semiconductor fabrication plant. Now that Ben has moved to California, he touts In-and-Out as a major influence. Can we ask Ben a favor? Find a way to bring some In-and-Out burgers with you! Or, even better, get sponsored by In-and-Out and convince them to open up next to Rhodes Skatepark ahead of the competition. Boise would build a statue of Ben if that happened!

With Ben’s experience, he looks like one that could compete for one of the coveted spots in the 2017 X Games.

Ben is sponsored by Bones, Indy, Dakine, FKD, Shipyard, Filament, Monster, 187, and Powell Perlata.

See Ben in the Thrasher Magazine video where he torches the a bowl inside of a barn: