Boise X Games: Meet Clay Kreiner – Men’s Skateboard Park


Clay Kreiner is one of the newer skaters to compete in Park this year and is hoping for a strong finish in Boise. He actually competed in Vert in the X Games 2016 and finished just off the podium in sixth place. Kreiner is currently ranked 100th overall and 95th in Park. He is 20 years-old and grew up in Simpsonsvillw, South Carolina. While he may be considered an underdog in Boise, he has some sick skills that are worthy of a possible top 6 finish that would qualify him for X Games 2017.

Clay got started early in life as a top skater by beating out 4 pro skaters when he was 12 at the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. That event got him on the Dew Tour that year and he has never looked back. He has also competed in Big Air events and became just the 11th person to land a 900 after breaking a leg. Nobody can say this kid doesn’t have guts.

Clay had an amazing run at Malmo, Sweden where he one the 2016 Pro/Am with an unbelievable padless run where he threw out an alley oop 540 and a 720. He was also a first place finisher at Vert Attack 2016. He shines on the vert tricks, check out his crazy kickflip body varial 540 below:

Clay is sponsored by Nike SB, Moonshine Skateboards, Vivronic Wheels, and 187 Pads.