Boise X Games: Meet Greyson Fletcher – Men’s Skateboard Park


From San Clemente, California, Greyson Fletcher is ranked 97th in the world overall and 23rd in Park, which will be the featured event in Boise. At 26 years old, Greyson is a 4-time X Games competitor. His best finish was 7th in Park back in 2014. In 2015 he was nominated for Skater of the Year by Thrasher Magazine.

Greyson comes from an interesting family that is important to the surfing community. His grandparents, Herbie and Didi, were the founders of Astrodeck which made the first grip tape for surfboards. His father, Christian Fletcher, was a professional surfer. Without a doubt, this influence from his family led Greyson to the surf and skate scene.

Greyson officially signed with Element in October, 2016. According to the Element website, “Seemingly oblivious to the outside world, he has paved his own path into skateboarding’s elite by simply skating fast as hell, with no regard to judgments or stereotypes. His calm demeanor is deceiving, unleashing a fury of energy the second he steps on a board. Knowing only one speed, with no brakes considered, he skates and destroys everything in his path.”

Greyson was also a part of the official opening of Rhodes Skate Park this past summer, so he is no stranger to Boise.

With his flowing beard and long hair blowing in the wind, his rides are epic. Do yourself a favor and take a couple of minutes to watch his part in Thrasher Magazine’s “In Perdition” below:

Greyson is sponsored by Element, Indy, RVCA, OJ Wheels, Nike SB, Astro Deck, Hard Luck, and Layback Beer.