Boise X Games: Meet Ishod Wair – Men’s Skateboard Park


Ishod Wair is currently ranked 50th overall in the world and 198th in Park, which is the featured event in Boise. He is considered to be a better skater in Street, but don’t let that fool you, Ishod is ready to throw down in Boise and earn a trip to the X Games for 2017.

Ishod is from Bordetown, New Jersey and brings his East Coast style of skating to the party. He’s so cool he has his own shoe from Nike, inspired by Ishod’s sports car. That’s all I need to know – I’m a fan!

Like most kids from his neighborhood, his main interest early on was basketball.  But, after he noticed skateboarding, it quickly became his sole focus, much to the dismay of his friends.  Now he is the one laughing, being named Street Skater of the Year by Thrasher Magazine in 2013.

A long member of Street League Skateboarding, he is an eight-time competitor in the X Games.  His best finish was 7th, in 2013, but his talent could lead him to the podium at any moment. Watch for Ishod and his shoes in Boise – this just might be his year.

Ishod Wair’s incredible new part from SB Chronicles, Vol. 2.

Ishod is sponsored by Nike SB, Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Fourstar, Stance Socks, Monster Energy Drink, Diamond, Shake Junt, and Bronson Speed Co.