Boise X Games: Meet Murilo Peres – Men’s Skateboard Park


From Sao Paulo, Brazil, Murilo is ranked 60th in the world overall and 16th in Park, which will be the featured event in Boise. Just celebrating his 21st birthday, Murilo will be looking to qualify for his fist X Games this summer.

Murilo is currently competing in the 2017 Men’s World Pro Tour and the Van’s Park Series. He just finished 3rd in the VPS in Sydney, Australia so he is capable is finishing high up in the Boise event.

Murilo is considered as one of the fastest skaters around and can pull off nearly any trick. According to skateboard photographer, Helge Tscharn, “Murilo is 100 percent professional and always on point. Name a trick and he will do it. I have plenty of respect for this crazy, bowl-shredding future dominator. It was a pleasure to shoot with him.”

And here at Review Boise, we know that Murilo is ready to bring it, as he just contacted us and told us the following:

“It’s great to have this chance on X Games again, my only and one time was in 2010 as an amateur.”

He also wanted to share with the fans in Boise some recent footage of him skating his bowl.  Just take a look at this sick video and you’ll be even more pumped up for this years qualifier. Look at how he handles the coping and grinds like a true pro.  I know I’ll be in the front row to watch Murilo do what he does best.  I can’t wait!

Murilo Peres – Dream Yard from Octavio Scholz on Vimeo.

Watch the speed and fluid skating from Murilo in this video and you’ll understand why he is one you must watch in Boise.

Murilo is sponsored by Oakley, Drop Dead Skateboard, Independent Trucks, Bones Wheels, ON Hardware, Lay Back,
Cave Pool, and Oddz Skateboards.

Also, here’s a bonus video from Murilo himself. Here is a skate session from one of his secret skate spots: