Separation of Church and State, Just not in our State


Our country was founded on Christian values. Except that it wasn’t. That’s just something that people say without backing it up, like “The world is 6,000 years old.” or “Evolution is a lie.” Of the many values our country was founded on, an integral one is the separation of church and state. In the constitution, it clearly states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Although this country may have started this way, lately it seems to be going in the opposite direction, especially in the state of Idaho.

According to a Gallup poll, 21% of Idahoans are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So you might expect to see a balanced ratio when it comes to our elected officials, right? Nope. 1 out of our 2 senators are Mormon (Mike Crapo) and both of our representatives are Mormon. That is 75% of our Congressional delegation that are LDS. Currently, Idaho has a Catholic Governor by the name of Butch Otter. Don’t fret though, because Tommy Ahlquist, the LDS businessman, is the clear front runner in this upcoming election.

This state’s Government is overwhelmingly Mormon, while only 21% of the population is LDS. “Why is that bad?” you might say, “Mormons are very nice people, I don’t mind them running our Government.” Well, I disagree. People of the LDS faith have a very bold stance on issues that are very important to a significant member of Idahoans. On Ahlquist’s website, it states, “Tommy believes that marriage should be the union of a man and a woman. As our governor, he will support policies that promote and safeguard the traditional institution of marriage.” Another problem that people might have is Tommy’s firm stance on abortion, “As a father and a doctor, Tommy believes that life is a gift from God. Tommy will always defend the sanctity of life. As our governor, we can count on him to always be a strong voice for the unborn.”

Many of these issues are backed up by his LDS faith. Tommy also stands against the legalization of marijuana. All of these issues are perfectly in line with what the LDS church believes.

Tommy is also calling for lower taxes, and lower regulations for big businesses. So, lower taxes, that sounds cool, right? Well if you aren’t a multi-millionaire, you may not see your taxes go down too much. He wants to cut Government regulation on dairy farmers and ranchers entirely. “That’s why he will always fight to keep government out of our agricultural industry.” While that may seem harmless on the surface, dairy cows are one of the largest causes of man-made climate change. You can read a WWF article about that here:

Ahlquist also wants to cut environmental regulations on Idaho run business. He says on his website that he wants to “rein in the EPA.” I can’t imagine anything more detrimental. In a time where we, as humans, need to be fighting back against climate change, we may have a Governor who wants to stop that in its tracks. I personally believe that this is because of his Mormon faith. The Mormons believe that the Earth is going to be turned into heaven during the second coming of Christ. So why would they protect the Earth from climate change? They don’t care if everyone on Earth dies from Greenhouse Gases, because they’ll be in Heaven by then. Well, for those of us living in reality, I think that we should try and make the world a better place. And I don’t just mean a better place for millionaires.